Beauty of Life

31. Mai 2014 at 13:43 (Posts in English) (, , , , , , , , )

Forever so long, I had been wishing for Him to let time stand still. Only for a moment – to let me fully appreciate the glorious beauty of life.

Life is a series of meaningful and meaningless events, steadily floating by. And me, I am hurrying to dip my toes in this continual stream of events, marching through other people’s lives, making memories with some and completely forgetting about others.

How I longed for a moment, where this current of life was intersected, where He parted the sea to let me walk a little bit on my own, without being washed away by the oh so many things to do.

Over the years, I had forgotten who I was, who I had always wanted to become, all the thoughts about what I wanted in life died like moths on the sticky surface of every day.

Then, one day, He – whatever name you may give him: God, Allah, Yahweh… – granted me my wish. He, in His infinite wisdom, did not choose the beautiful and calm moment I had imagined for time to stand still. No, He chose a moment of utmost desperation and intense pain, the moment where my life seemed to be falling apart. Everything that was dear to me was going to be lost, out of my own infinite stupidity. Now, I can be grateful that the dearest things to me, then, were my possessions, and not people.

But at that time, I was on the verge of insanity, because I thought I could not live on without my pretty apartment, flat screen, Dolby Surround sound system, sports car… And this was certainly not a moment, where you would want time to stop.

However painful this incredibly long moment was, where the fundaments of my life crumbled beneath me, it had a cleansing effect and did me much good. If time had stood still in a beautiful moment, I would have wasted it to gloat over my possessions and to mentally pat my back for being such a successful fellow.

But that intersection of time became the most important crossroad of my life. The one, where I had to admit that I had made wrong decisions and misjudged what would make me truly happy in the long run.

He granted me a second chance at life in that moment – and this opportunity to have a new beginning whenever you choose to grasp it, has become the true beauty of life for me.

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