Clara’s Christmas Wish: Part 7

7. Dezember 2015 at 06:10 (Clara's Christmas Wish) (, , , , , , , , , )

This story works like an Advent calendar – until the 24th of December, I will publish a part of this story each day. Please start your reading with Part 1.

“And what did they say to you then?” Clara asked, afraid of the answer.
“They said I’m a liar and that I’m stupid and that… and that…” Marlene sniffed back her snot. “That no one wants to be my friend because I lie all the time…” The tears Marlene had stifled the whole day long came gushing out again.
Clara shook her sister slightly. “Marlene, don’t you listen to them! They’re just jealous because they didn’t see the elephant. You know what? We’ll show them who is stupid! Who was the meanest of all the children?”
Marlene looked up at her sister, with big red eyes. “It was Justin. He said I stealed his apple.” She paused for a moment. “What will we do to him?”
“You’ll see on Christmas Eve,” Clara said conspiratorially. And made a wish.


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