Clara’s Christmas Wish: Part 13

13. Dezember 2015 at 06:01 (Clara's Christmas Wish) (, , , , , , )

This story works like an Advent calendar – until the 24th of December, I will publish a part of this story each day. Please start your reading with Part 1.

The days leading up to Christmas were passing quickly. For Clara it was school, then off to the circus and back home to work on her assignments and to do her household chores. Marlene was getting whinier every evening.
“You don’t have any time to play with me anymore…” she remarked, her lower lip trembling.
“I know, I know – but don’t you worry, everything will get better after Christmas,” Clara promised.
“But whyyyy do you have to work sooo much?” Marlene threw her thin arms around her sister’s waist and pressed her face into Clara’s stomach.
“Marlene, don’t tell anyone, but I’m doing this to save Christmas. If I don’t work, there won’t be any Christmas celebration,” Clara replied, hugging her sister back.
“I hate Christmas!” Marlene bit Clara into her thigh and ran up to her room.


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