Clara’s Christmas Wish: Part 18

18. Dezember 2015 at 06:08 (Clara's Christmas Wish) (, , , , , )

This story works like an Advent calendar – until the 24th of December, I will publish a part of this story each day. Please start your reading with Part 1.

“Oh no, of course not,” Clara declared. “I really just meant that we could take them for a walk…” She buried her fists in her coat pockets.
“Together? Just the two of us and the elephants?”
“Well, yes… I mean, I won’t be working tomorrow, but maybe you could take them to town after the last show and then we’ll wander the streets together?” Surely it wouldn’t hurt if Marlene accompanied them. It wasn’t like a date or anything.
“You got it! It’s a date!” Jim grinned broadly again, while Clara sighed inwardly.
“Okay, so let’s say ten o’clock at the bus stop on Main Street?” Clara proposed.
“Do you live nearby?” Jim asked nervously.
“Kind of. I have to leave now, see you tomorrow!” Clara cried more cheerfully than she actually felt and waved Jim goodbye. Maybe her Christmas wish had to be repaid by getting an unwanted boyfriend…


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