Clara’s Christmas Wish: Part 24

24. Dezember 2015 at 06:00 (Clara's Christmas Wish) (, , , , , , , )

This story works like an Advent calendar – until the 24th of December, I will publish a part of this story each day. Please start your reading with Part 1. This is the last part of the Christmas story.

Clara could have sworn she had heard a soft trumpeting sound.
Justin, on the other hand, heard the trumpeting loud and clear – and saw the accompanying trunk brushing against his window. Awe-struck, he got out of his bed and peaked out of the bedroom window and onto the street. He could see a human figure huddled in a coat far too big for its size and two elephants, a bigger and a smaller one, wandering the streets beside the tiny human. By the time he had woken up his parents to show them, the street was deserted again.

Marlene was meanwhile unpacking her Christmas gift next to a tiny tree with three baubles and two burning candles on it. Clara was sitting cross-legged beside her, holding her finger up to her lips before Marlene could utter a shriek of joy. “We need to whisper,” she whispered, “or we’ll scare the elves away.” Marlene silently threw herself into her sister’s arms, planting a wet kiss on her cheek.


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