Thoughts on Love (Love Poems)

What is love? This question can’t be answered in just one poem. That’s why I have compiled a whole bunch of my poetic experiments about the bright and dark sides of that omnipotent feeling. Enjoy!

Copyright for poems and photos:


Waves of Love (written in March 2018):

There’s as many kinds of love
As there are waves in the sea.
Is one better than the other?
There’s no way to tell.

Some waves sweep you off your feet,
Blur your vision,
And take your breath away.

Others will carry you on their backs
Like a child
Letting you glide to the shore
Safe and sound.

And still others will be
So gentle and small
That they can make you see
Right through the waters
And into the ocean’s soul.


A New Version of Me (written in July 2017):

If you don’t hold me
I’ll break
And with the pieces
I’ll make
A new version of me.

Stronger and brighter,
A curious fighter
Who offers to dance
With the ghost of a chance.


Forget-Me-Not (written in June 2017):

I’m here with you
And miles away –
How can I learn
To stop and stay?

I’m feeling blue –
How can I grasp
My love for you?


Gently, Gently / Patient, Patient (written in June 2017):

“Gently, gently,”
I would say,
“Future, please don’t
Make me cry.”

“Patient, patient,”
It would answer,
“You need the pain,
I’ll show you why.”

“Gently, gently,”
I would beg,
“Lead me where I
Need to go.”

“Patient, patient,”
It would calm me,
“The answer’s hidden
In your heart.”

“Gently, gently,”
I would ask,
“Make me see
What lies ahead.”

“Patient, patient,”
It would tell me,
“Step by step we’ll
Pave the road.”


Bye, Birdie, Bye (written in January 2017):

Hopes crushed,
Wings broken,
Fly, birdie, fly.

Wings battered,
Hopes shattered,
Fly, birdie, fly.

Open window,
Push me out,
Fly, birdie, fly.

Falling teaches me
How to soar,
Bye, birdie, bye.


A Professionally Broken Heart (written in January 2017):

You said I shouldn’t get attached,
I know –
But still, I fell in love.
I guessed
That if I did my best
You’d love me back
For sure.

So now I’m here
To mend and glue
My torn-apart career.
You broke my heart professionally –
But it will heal
You’ll see.


I Didn’t Really Realise (written in March 2013):

I didn’t really realise
The promise
That lay in your eyes
When we first met
When we first danced
Like in one of the films
You always hated.

I didn’t really realise
That you wanted more
And I wanted less
As the days went by.

Why did you ever
Do such a romantic thing
As to give me
That ring?

We could have been happy,
We could have been sad –
For as long as we lived.

We could have had kids
We could have grown old,
We could have had it all –
With somebody else.


Who Said Love Poems Couldn’t Be Funny? (written in January 2013):

“Let’s keep in touch,”
You said.
And my body replied,
“Oh yes, let’s touch,
Let’s touch.”

“I’ll call you…
You said.
And my brain answered,
“Call me ’sometime‘,
Call me ‚anytime‘,
Call me anything you want.”

“Good night,”
You said,
Hurriedly brushing my cheek with your lips.
“Yeah, you’re my
Good knight
In shining armour,”
My heart whispered
And I fell in love
With a man
Who would never call again.


Our Small World (written in October 2012):

Let me count your freckles
I want to know
Everything about you.
Tell me
What’s your favourite book,
Your favourite song,
Your favourite time of the year.
Let us skip about
In the dry leaves
In fall.
Let us taste snowflakes
In winter
And sniff
The fresh spring air.
Let us swim
Through the ocean
Of warm summer sun
And hold hands
Until time slows down
And it’s just
The two of us
And our small world
Of kisses and hugs
And smiles and laughs.


“What Is Happiness?” (written in October 2012):

“What is happiness?”
I asked you
And you thought for a while.
“Happiness,” you said,
“Is talking to someone
Who takes seriously
Every word that you speak
And tries to guess
What you really think.”

 “What is happiness?”
I asked you
And you thought for a while.
“Happiness,” you said,
“Is when someone
Looks you in the eye
And you feel like
You’re the most precious person
In the whole wide world.”

 “What is happiness?”
I asked you
And you thought for a while.
“Happiness,” you said,
“Is to feel complete
And that you belong
Right where you are
Next to the very person
You love.”

 “Now, do you know
What happiness is?”
You finally asked me
And gave me a smile.
“Well, yes,” I said,
“I think I do –
Must be the way I feel
When I’m close to you.”


Our Good-Byes (written in June 2012):

Sometimes I


That our


Had been


Instead of

Wrecking and ruining

The great


We had

When everything was


                       I like to



I just wrapped

My arms


                       You and

That you placed

                       A soft


On my

Cheek and that


                       Were wishing

Each other

                       The best.


When The Rain Starts To Fall (written in May 2012):

When the rain starts to fall
I’ll be gone.
When the rain starts to fall
There’ll be no more
You and me.

Oh, I’ve already stayed
For much too long.
You will never forget me
But that is exactly
What was never planned at all.

When the rain starts to fall
You’ll be alone.
‘Cause the rain,
Oh, it tells me,
‘Cause the rain, it tells me
I’ve been here for much too long.


Your Life Is Just A Blink (written in May 2012):

Your life is just a blink –
The universe doesn’t care
What you make of it.
But you should
Live the best life you can,
Love those who are close to you
With all your heart,
And be thankful for
This moment, this hour, this day,
And every single one
That is to come.

You only have this one blink –
Make it yours
And make it the best fraction of a second
The universe has ever seen.
Live your life the best way you can
Without regrets, without hard feelings.
Take what you need
And give what you can
‘Cause in a moment
This blink will be gone.


The Sweet Flavour Of Sorrow (written in March 2012):

Teardrops in the sun
Glistening like diamonds,
The blood of the soul
Streaming down your face.
Oh, how luxurious
Is the sweet flavour of sorrow,
Oh, how pretty
Is the drum of a heart
That beats not for one
But two.


Find Somebody (written in March 2012):

Find somebody
To help you paint the world blue.
Find somebody
To catch a shooting star with.
Find somebody
To help you count the fish in the sea.
Find somebody
To close your eyes with
And to wake up in another life.
Find somebody
Who believes that everything’s possible
And who’s crazy enough
To fall in love.


I’m Sorry (written in February 2012):

I’m sorry,
I’m sorry,
I didn’t know
That you had a
Living and loving heart.
Filled with warm blood,
Filled with your feelings
For me.
I’m sorry,
I took it
Without thinking about
What it could possibly mean
For you.
I’m sorry,
I’m sorry,
I’m giving it back
Now that it is
Too late.


On The Highway Of Love (written in February 2012):

I’m on the highway of love,
A lightning of speed,
Falling for you too fast.

I’m rushing ahead
Of whatever this is.
The landscape of feelings is blurred,
‘Cause I’m too quickly moving along.

If I step on the brake,
I will crash.
If I keep up the speed,
I am doomed.

Whatever I do,
My heart is at stake,
‘Cause there’s no safety belt for love.


Come, My Darling, Dream With Me (written in December 2011):

Come, my darling, come to bed,
I’ll tell you ‘bout the life that lies ahead.
Hush, my darling, rest your head,
Let’s dream our dreams together.
‘Bout houses and gardens
And cars in garages.
‘Bout children playing in the front yard,
With scratched knees and sunburnt faces.
‘Bout knitted hats and homemade cakes,
Broken bikes and rescued puppies.
Come, my darling, dream with me,
‘Cause I love you and you love me.


Falling, Falling (written in December 2011):

Falling in love,
Falling, falling.
Reaching the ground,
Crashing and breaking.
Falling apart,
Falling, falling.
Coming to terms,
Crying and cursing.
Forgetting the pain,
Healing and growing.
Falling, falling,
Falling in love again.


What Love Is Like (written in December 2011):

Love tastes like
The first strawberry of the season.
Red, sweet, sugary –
But there’s still
Some of the long winter’s bitterness in it.

 Love sounds like
The footsteps of the person you love.
Light or heavy,
Slow or fast,
Coming closer or moving away from you.

Love feels like
A bright sunbeam in the middle of summer.
It warms your skin,
But blinds you
And makes shadows larger than life.

 Love smells like
The first rose to blossom in spring.
Fresh and innocent
And of the promise
That the scent will grow stronger the closer you get.

 Love looks like
The familiar face
That I seem to have known forever.
For me, love looks like you
And wherever you go, my love will go too.


If My Heart Were A Bookshelf (written in December 2011):

If my heart were a bookshelf,
There’d be a lot of books.
Big ones and small ones,
Thick ones and thin ones.
Some, read page by page
And put back on the shelf
Ever so gently.
Some, not read at all,
Yet to be read
Or never meant to be.
Some, with ripped and missing pages,
Torn and taped together again,
But beloved still.
Some made me happy,
Some made me sad,
But I treasure each story they told.
If my heart were a bookshelf,
There’d be a lot of books –
And one of the books would be you.


Jealousy (written in December 2011):

There’s a monster under my bed,
Big and black and ugly.
Its name is jealousy
And it is fed by love and broken hearts.

There are bad dreams lurking under my pillow,
Which make me cry at night
And wonder why you aren’t here
To hold and comfort me.

I feel that I have already lost you
To another woman, another girl,
‘Cause the monster keeps tossing and turning
And whispering that you are mine no more.


As Long As I Love (written in December 2011):

When will the dark clouds disappear?
When will my sky of life be bright and sunny?
I guess as long as I live, as long as I love,
There always will be clouds and rain.
But then the grass needs rain to grow,
The sun alone would burn the green to brown.
And so the heart needs to ache at times,
To grow and truly learn to love.


Love’s A Whisper (written in December 2011):

Love’s a whisper
And a tease,
Love’s a hiccup
And a sneeze.
Love’s a hurricane
And a volcano,
Love’s the thing
You just can’t say no to.
Love’s a mermaid
And a unicorn,
Love’s a baby
Who is born.
Love’s the reason
Why I live,
Love’s the only thing
You can always give.


All By Myself (written in December 2011):

My mind says „run“,
My heart says „stay“
Whatever price I might pay.
So I follow my heart down a dark lane
That no one and everyone have walked before.
So many twists and turns,
So many unknown places.
The dark lane winds its way ahead
And I, I have to follow.
If this is the only way to you,
I will not be afraid.
I’ll walk the long, long lonely road
Like everyone who has ever loved.
And if I won’t find you at the end,
I will not be too sad.
For I had strength enough to walk
The road all by myself.


Heart Of Glass (written in December 2011):

Oh, it broke so easily,
My poor heart of glass.
The second you touched it,
It beat only for you,
The second you let it slip from your hands,
It shattered to pieces.

Someday, someone will pick it up again
And put the pieces back together.
Someday, it will beat again,
For the someone
Who wasn’t afraid of risking a cut.


I Want My Love Back (written in December 2011):

I want my love back, you fool,
I want to rewind the tape of life.
I want the tears back that I cried,
I want to rewrite the story,
I want a happy ending
Or to never have met you at all.

I want to erase all the memories of you,
Smiling at me, kissing me, caressing my hair.
I want my skin to forget the feeling
Of your warm body close to mine.
I want a reset,
I want to start all over again,
With somebody who isn’t like you at all.

I want to swallow the anger
That burns on my tongue.
I want to be strong
And keep all the sorrow inside
Because you haven’t deserved the tiniest tear.
I want my love back, you fool,
‘Cause you’re not the one
Who’s worthy of it.


Love Isn’t Going To Wait For You (written in December 2011):

While you were sleeping
I made a wish:
I wished to never wake up again
Without you by my side.

While you were sleeping
I held my breath.
I wished to breathe forever and always
The very same air as you.

When you were waking
I saw it in your eyes:
You hadn’t lived long enough to know
That love isn’t going to wait for you to catch up.


If You Let Me (written in November 2011):

I’m not the kind of person
Who leaves you alone in the dark of the night.
I’ll hold your hand
And keep you warm –
If you let me.

I’m not the kind of person
Who judges you, if you do wrong.
I’ll try to help you
To find the right track again –
If you let me.

I’m not the kind of person
Who lets you go away easily.
I’ll fight for what I love
And love for what I fight.

‘Cause I’m the kind of person
Who wishes and waits,
Who hopes and prays –
Even if you don’t let me.


Heartache Is On Its Way (written in October 2011):

Heartache has somewhere along the way
Become a part of my existence.
Now and then I just have to do something stupid
Like hopelessly falling in love
With a man who has no interest in me whatsoever.
Even though my heart pounds sadly,
When it once again gets broken,
It pounds.
And I like to hear the sound –
Because then I know that I’m still alive.


A Writer’s Love (written in October 2009):

We, we writers,
We are not to be loved.
We love our art
And cannot set apart
Romance in books
From romance in life.
What is it like to be loved?
I think I have forgotten.
How it feels.
How it tastes.
How it warms your heart
And makes you shiver with goosebumps
All at the same time.


I Am The Girl Who Has Never Been Loved (written in October 2008):

I am the girl who has never been loved,
Walking alone, surrounded by people.

I am the girl who has never been loved,
Scared of the world, always hunted.

I am the girl who has never been loved,
Looking for love in all the wrong places.

I am the girl who has never been loved –
It is neither my fault, nor is it yours.

I am the girl who has never been loved,
Because you’re the right man and you weren’t there.

I am the girl who has never been loved,
Who knows what she wants, but never achieves it.

I am the girl who has never been loved,
And finally gets what she always wanted.

I am the girl who has loved you for ages,
Before I knew you – and now even more.

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    Seeeeehr schön! Besonders das Oktobergedicht 2011 hats mir angetan! Gefällt mir wirklich sehr gut!!!!!! 🙂

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